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What is smarta-life™?

Smarta-life is a property automation solution that helps home owners, residential estate and facility managers to control and optimise the property experience.

Use the smarta-life mobile App and your intelligent SMART-Assistant to take care of stressful time-consuming property management tasks. Only get an alert you if something needs your attention.

Worry less and save more.

  • Save up to 30-50% on water and electricity consumption
  • Defend municipal billing disputes with SABS approved smart water and electricity meters
  • Detect water leaks and automatically shut the main water supply to the home to prevent expensive municipal bills
  • Reduce the flow of water to 10% for non-paying tenants
  • Improve security by automatically closing your garage door at night and get notifications if your main entrance gate has been open for longer than 5 minutes.
  • The smarta-geyser solution automatically shuts the water supply to the geyser and turns the geyser electricity off as soon as water is detected by the drip tray sensor.
  • Optimise geyser heating times by scheduling the on-off geyser times from your phone
  • Open garage doors and entrance gates from your phone.

Smarta-life continues to develop relevant solutions using more than 300 different types of sensors.

Join the smarta-life community and find better ways for sustainable, stress free living with a focus on saving water and using intelligent automation to get life done. Create your sustainable “green-future-proof” property now. Order the smarta-home™ – Starter Pack

smarta-home ™ Starter Pack


The smarta-home™ Starter Pack includes:

  • SABS Approved smart water meter
  • SABS Approved smart electricity meter
  • existing smart geyser conversion
  • Smarta-HUB™
  • Installation at the property
  • 3 Year warranty on all sensors and devices
  • 3 Year subscription (Platform support, web app and data)
  • 3 Year National Call Centre support

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The industrial strength proven technology solution is developed and supported by Informed Decisions as implemented by various customers including but not limited to:

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Digicall provides a national network of certified electricians and plumbers to ensure quality solution implementations with high customer satisfaction ratings. Digicall customers include but is not limited to:

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