Fighting the 3 monsters that lurk in some Residential Estates using IoT

fighting the 3 monsters

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Residential estates create vibrant and safe living spaces that appeal to many families and investors. Property owners expect estates to be well managed whilst reducing operational costs and risk to them. There are however 3 monsters that can ruin your flourishing estate and negatively impact your investment.

The R 521 345 water problem in residential estates

There are many residential estates experiencing exorbitant municipal bills due to leaking water pipes, taps, irrigation, toilets and burst geysers. This impacts negatively on owners who in some instances must pay significant additional monthly amounts to settle these large municipal bills caused by water leaks.

  • Does your estate have a leak detection solution that alerts the estate manager / trustees and or owners when a leak is detected within esates or units themselves? How much you are paying for wasted water?
  • IoT connected sensor technology can automatically measure consumption, detect leaks and provide improved control of both water and electricity consumption on your mobile phone or computer.

The lack of accountability when using the participation quota method to allocate water consumption costs

Water loss happens because of common property and or home specific maintenance issues. A burst pipe in the common property or leaking toilets / taps or burst geyser inside a home may all contribute to significant water loss.

The participation quota method used to allocate monthly water consumption costs to unit owners or tenants is unfair.

  • It allows owners or tenants to use excessive amounts of water and only pay for a small portion of it as it is divided amongst all the units.
  • Owners are paying for water loss in other units that are not adequately maintained with leaking taps, toilets, irrigation or burst geysers.

Only having one main Municipal water meter means lack of accountability for unit owners who may be using excessive amounts of water which ultimately contributes to high levies.

IoT to the rescue: Installing a SABS approved smart water meter for every unit will show owners if there are any leaks within their properties and will ensure they are accurately billed for actual consumption. Water wise families or tenants get rewarded by only paying for what they consume and easily monitor daily consumption from their mobile phones.

Finding out the end of the month how much water and electricity you consumed during the month

Estates pay for meter reading services which is done monthly and which is prone to human error. Meter readings are taken manually or done by “drive through collection” that is then downloaded onto a computer.

  • Owners only see at the end of the month, when they receive their statements, how much water and electricity they have consumed.

An estate using connected sensor technology with smart meters, provides up to date consumption data to owners and estates pro-actively manage how much they wish to spend on water and electrcicity for the month.

  • By making consumption data and the growing amount you will be paying by the end of the month visible on your mobile phone, owners and esstates have the tool to assist them to effectively manage consumption and risks.

smarta-estate™ uses connected sensor technology to help estate managers, managing agensts and trustees:

smarta life benefits of home automation

Send us a message if you are interested in solving some real challenges facing residential esates and home owners using intelligent automation technology.

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