Introducing smarta-home™

smarta-homeis a home automation system that measures consumption, detects leaks and gives home owners effective control over their water and electricity consumption. This is done with connected sensor technology that is controlled with a mobile app.

Achieve 30-50% savings on water & electricity consumption

The home of the future is here

Savings, safety, convenience, and control. These are just some of the benefits of a smart home. And now a simple, affordable solution is within reach of cash-strapped homeowners.

Imagine a home automation solution that measures water and electricity consumption, detects leaks, protects your geyser, keeps your pool sparkling and gives you control over your monthly spend on utilities.

smarta-home does just that through sensor technology that is controlled via an app for your convenience. It will turn your home into a place of enjoyment and relaxation for friends and family.

A smarta-home™ is an intelligent home

The sensors collect information, control selected devices, and automate various tasks for the efficient operation of your home. This not only enables you to conveniently run a more energy and water efficient household, but it also allows you to integrate your access and security systems.

The result is complete peace of mind and more time to enjoy life while smarta-home takes care of the practicalities of everyday home management.

Once you’ve experienced your smart home in action, you’ll wonder how you ever lived any other way.

With smarta-home you can:

An affordable home automation solution

The smarta-home starter pack is just R19 999, and includes an SABS-approved smart water and electricity meter, a smart-geyser, installation costs, a three-year warranty and the smarta-home app that lets you run everything from your mobile device.

You can also expect water and electricity savings of between 30% and 50%, as well as reduced insurance premiums.

smarta-home solutions – available for primary residences, holiday homes, and investment properties – are modular in design, enabling you to add on according to your needs and budget.

With water and electricity costs increasing at an alarming rate, can you afford not to invest in smarta-home?  

Once you’ve experienced your smart home in action, you’ll wonder how you ever lived any other way.

smarta-home ™ Starter Pack


The smarta-home™ Starter Pack includes:

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